Do you like geography? Well I do, and because of that you're faced with some boring map thing now. But I consider it fun, so it is fun. Anyway, given the nature of IRC, the people of #vgfun happen to live in various cities scattered about the Earth. So I thought to myself, "hey, why don't I get a bunch of satellite images of the cities we live in and put them together in a big thing?" Well, after a lot of searching and calculating and scaling and rotating, I have come up with a set of them for you to see, all in scale with each other.

Of course, I didn't want to make it too simple for you, so, as the title of this section suggests, you will have to guess which city is which. I have included in this set cities that #vgfun people live in as well as former homes of those who have moved to a new location. In the case of people who live in a small town or city in proximity to a larger and more well-known city, I have represented both in a single image. There are a few cities I was simply unable to find satellite images of, so unfortunately I was not able to include them, and there were a couple which had kind of crummy resolution, so I was forced to blow them up to a size that makes them quite hideous. But that's what you get. Eat it.