The #VGFun post-report from CosplayCon '03!!!

Hey there cosplay fans! I'm here with the #VGFun coverage that you've been craving! When the crew got together in the BIG APPLE this year, the fake hair started to fly! Check out what we came up with this year...

Jade kicked this party off old school FFVII style. He addressed the crowd and waved around his cardboard sword for a bit. He later attempted to crowd surf, seriously injuring Sailor Venus with his plastic hair.

Next up, I take it even more old school, back to the days of 8bit. Black Mage FFI garb is my choice for the event. I won the award for most creative costume. The hat is made from a homemade tortilla and the condom I used with JILost the previous night.

The Final Fantasy mania continues with Erin appearing as some naked person from FFX-2. It's all real baby.. except for the shoes.. and the weapons.. and the accessories.. and the cape.. and the hair.. and the nails.. She managed to wear more fabric than I did and barely passed through security.

Justin continues our FF motif with a pleather Squall costume from FFVIII. The crowd was a little confused by a hooting and screaming rendition of Squall, but thats just Justin for you. He later told me he decided on Squall because he already owned the perfect jacket, extra scary.

MV went for a lilac suit, though I have no idea who he was portraying. He was too busy sucking face with a girl cosplaying as Lydia from Beetlejuice to tell us what was going on. Don't mind his hair, the flash upset the animal sitting on top of his head.

Nathan, a common #vgfun staple tagged along this year, oddly matching MV except in hair. While MV decided to go the taxidermy-hairstyle route, Nathan chose a more "alternative lifestyle" approach, pose and all.