This is maybe the most important page of all. #vgfun was founded on the principle of having fun rather than having people complain to you about crap and then be weird and you hate them. Don't walk away yet, Buster Keaton, because it's our job to make things fun at any cost, up to and including throwing their non-page-reading asses across a room.

Maybe it's gloomy, but we have to face the sad reality that not everyone is aware of or has access to the copious amounts of fun that flood from us daily. This website brings our fun to a wider audience, especially for those who cannot get to us directly.

This page is filled with fun things, so check out what we have because it busts all the doors down.

assorted fun
A crazy map thing   Jade 11-27-03
Cosplay photoshop action!   Adam 05-29-03
Music as it was never meant to be heard: rapped by justin.   justin 06-14-02
Some Intense Controversy over at! .jpg,
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justin 06-11-02
Bret the Hitman Hart orders Pizza from a crummy Ontario Pizza place that is somehow #1 in the province. I don't think Bret can differentiate between "ordering pizza" and "killing your family." .mov,
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Jade 06-08-02
our favourite friend justin .jpg,
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Adam I don't know

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Incredible Space Dracula and the Properties of Sand   Jade 03-25-04
Incredible Space Dracula and an Attempt to Improve a Clock   Jade 03-13-04
Incredible Space Dracula and a Case Study of the Game Development Process   Jade 03-13-04
Our amazing irc histories, revealed at last!   justin 06-05-02

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