In #vgfun there are lots of people. Some are better than others. The better ones are called OPS, these are them.

  Real Name: Adam Ruelas
Likes: Tide
Hates: Potato
Wants: Koala
Job: xyphoid process
Motto: *crotch grab*

  Real Name: Lee Wilson, undergraduate student of Space Tactics Laser Moon Squadron University and pyrogenic lab assistant at the West Medical Arabian Spider Syndrome Institute for the Blind
Likes: Robots
Hates: Players
Wants: Sanskrit
Job: Dalek
Motto: Take!!!

  Real Name: Justin Mocha
Likes: ant politics
Hates: bananas
Wants: naan
Job: locust
Motto: tunak tunak tun

  Real Name: Erin Mocha LOL NOT
Likes: fluffy things
Hates: onions or people (mostly onions)
Wants: tasties
Job: L.A.S.E.R.
Motto: by the way, this cake is great

  Real Name: Xavier Dang
Likes: some people
Hates: people
Wants: nuclear war
Job: 90yom's pimp
Motto: i8uirlprydef

  Real Name: Abobot
Likes: Breaking
Hates: Kung Fu
Wants: Broken things
Job: Breaker
Motto: Crush!
  Note: Abobo is currently standing inside a mountain, waiting for Billy to walk by. For this reason, we are unsure whether or not he will ever be back.


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