sometimes people visit #vgfun and amidst all the ultra cool conversations going on all the time they will force themselves upon us, and in a process not unlike butting into conversations, they will ask us where our nick names come from. so, i've taken it upon myself to explain the meaning of our nicks to the teeming masses. in the event i don't know the exact meaning i'll probably make one up so this page doesn't look flimsy.

his nick comes from his older nick, The_Jade_Emperor, possibly the third or fourth most annoying nick to type out in the history of irc. so people just started calling him jade for short. or tje for shorter. he originally picked The_Jade_Emperor because he likes old chinese movies or something like that. as the irc trailblazer he is, jade also coined the nick 'away' for when he is away. sometimes he's here when he's away, though, so watch out! other nicks are mostly spur of the moment and are often unrelated to things normal people think about. to give you an idea, here are some i remember: organicintelligencebody, ouagadougou, and some alien names he and i came across once. long story.

a few years ago when #vgfun was first formed, we were all obsessed with console rpg's and we all had nicks like neoZeromus, Kain, Geshtar, and TerraTheUnbelievable. Rubicant is the lone holdover from that era. i think he chose Rubicant because he wanted to be able to say 'i'm hot' or something witty like that. here's a quote from old #vgfun that i made up:

*** Rubicant has joined #vgfun
*** Chanserv sets mode: +o Rubicant
<Abobot> [Rubicant] I'm hot
<Rubicant> hey room

something like that. anyway, he also uses other ones sometimes, too, so be sure to /whois any suspicious final fantasy nicks.

once upon a time on there was a dope website that we called the hip french music site; or The King Melvyl's Castle, as King_Melvyl called it. after ditching #vgmusic, heading the founding of #vgfun, forming his own tracking group, and making all sorts of awesome contacts, King_Melvyl lost approximately 90% of his un-eliteness. this is expressed in the deletion of approximately 90% of his nick. mv is born. and he wants you to not visit! he doesn't use many other nicks, but when he does, it's clobberin' time.

because of his daily, torturous work on the lawns and gardens of houston suburbia, Adam's mad. very mad. one day he just couldn't take it anymore, so he decided to do something. in a fit of unabated rage that goes way beyond the comprehension of mere mortals and non-mexicans, he changed his name to Ada. some time later when he realized that telling people his name was Ada and buying ridiculously awful microsoft gaming hardware wasn't exactly showing the world his hate, he did the impossible. he connected to irc and joined #vgmusic as..Mad^Ada. the populace was shocked. a year or so later, adam was maddened out, and #vgmusic was still dumb. Adam then went on to join #vgfun..and he was never mad again. we don't have lawns.

adam uses other nicks sometimes, too. but like everyone else, they are pretty random and stupid.

back when i knew him in #vgmusic, matt was Jerobe, who i affectionately called 'the elder'. he would have a lot of other nicks down the line, most of which i think related to japan, his worshipped landmass of choice. after a brief fanatacism with west africa, the then Dikembe-Oyedeji (or Tatt for short) decided to return to his roots and called himself taezou. i think he had good sushi that day or something. anyway, knowing full well the worldy #vgfun community would not settle for such international nick shenanigans, and after a few diplomatic beatings, he simply reverted to his given namesake. and that is how matt has come to be.

his other nicks are usually cool, in my opinion. they include marthastewart, dancingqueen, and justinisgodsgifttowomen.

after dying of embarassment as a result of his portrayal in the double dragon movie, abobo was..left dead on the street somewhere. around that time, jade and his sidekick incredible space dracula wanted to have a bot for a fledging channel called #vgfun. futuristic space mind transfer technology in hand, jade searched far and wide for a mind to model his bot after.

he never did find abobo, but after giving up he just used a retarded doorman. which, i might add, is pretty much what abobot's function is.

this is me. there isn't much to my current nick, but previous ones were exceptionally gay and full of groovy man-stories. i started on irc with the nick Opoggo. people used to think it was supposed to be Ogopogo, but it really wasn't. my creativity really was that bad, and people liked to acknowledge it:

*** You were kicked from #lesbians by kallista` (dumbest nick i have EVER seen ~*~GeSS Scrpt~*~)

anyway, after leaving irc for a month or so i realized my nick was incredibly retarded, so i switched it to JustinD when i returned. then came a phase where i just used random words for nicks. and then the phase where i just used my initials. followed by the phase where i tickle my anus before reaching an orgasm. three years, and many interesting climaxes later, i settled on justin. yay!

erin used to have a lot of other nicks a long time ago when i didn't like her much. since we've been together though, all her nicks have been chromed out past mega. most of them are secret things related to things i've said to her in private, and since i'm not ready to die a death invlolving the mutilation of important body parts related to reproduction, i will refrain from fully explaining them. instead, here is a link to a cute picture of us!


ok so that's all for the more imporant and curious ones. here's some others, though.

agent - he likes the matrix.
JILost - his initals and the fact that he's lost? i don't know
The_Paladin - too many years of advanced dungeons and dragons.
RuneWalsh - he likes phantasy star (thank you to jade for this vital information!)
Whelkman - he has a small penis
reduz - re-use, recycle. something.
Erdrick - kickin' it dragon warrior style
MusashiRo - i have absolutely no idea whatsoever.
Braxus - it's not like you'll notice him anyway.
\slash - some bad angst ridden years
Ninjy - maybe it's something in dutch
Merit_celaire - very prominent make up commercial producer
Ranger_x - who cares about him, he refused to take part in the profiles page.
Treesock - one of the many people who mysteriously appear out of nowhere with a meaningless nick involving clothing and plants.
nZero - he doesn't come around as much anymore, but he used to be neoZeromus. he's radically awesome with his non-game nick now, though.

so there you have it.

if you hang around us and become most excellent like me and the other #vgfun people, perhaps i'll immortalize you here in this meaningless article.