Here are the quotes, bucket face. Now you can see some of the pointless yet nonetheless tubular things we say. Some of these quotes are ancient and some of them happened yesterday. They are in no particular order. Well most of the ancient ones are at the top for some reason.
**Update** Front page quotes will be added here from now on, in remembrance of the joy they brought us. No mocking, bitches. You should be thankful I'm taking the time to update this hunkajunk.

"I want to have a baby when I'm young so I can be a M.I.L.F." -erin

<Kiara> Hello, long time no see
<Opoggo> ?
<Opoggo> two days
<Opoggo> that's a long time?
<Kiara> :) Tha't a long time for me
<Opoggo> What are you, a locust?
<Ragna> No, but your momma is
<Ragna> Booyah
<Opoggo> my mom is a locust?

* Angel is NOT a hick, nor is she Amish
<Whelkman> what's the difference?
<agent> a hat

* Angel is glad to finally be rid of all those kids
<Adam> thats why you need to use condoms

<Judge_Spear> nsync, backsterrt boys, 98 degrees, youngstown, etc
<EvilAkuma> Oh, those.
<EvilAkuma> Yucky icky.
<Judge_Spear> Judge Spears and Christina Aguilera are okay.
<RightSaidFred> hahahaha
<RightSaidFred> judge spears?
<Judge_Spear> err.
<Judge_Spear> o_O
<RightSaidFred> hahaha
<Judge_Spear> Britnet Spears
<EvilAkuma> lol
<Judge_Spear> Britney

<Tatt> Charolotte was a spider, dude. She was like, totally rad. I like spiders. I also like donuts.

<Abobot> [MrMacPhisto] Don't you hate pants?
<DJ_CHUBBY> Pants rule
<DJ_CHUBBY> not jeans though
<MrMacPhisto> wtf are you?

<agent> w00t!
<agent> i got on at school
<agent> i am the man!
*** agent ( Quit (Killed ( ([] Self collision)))

<Adam> apparently message board real estate is precious and should be saved for sailor moon and 'teehee look at mophead' posts

<fountain> maybe you should make a new thread
<fountain> about something else and get me and justin and melvyl commenting
<fountain> and other people will join in and ignore it
<fountain> I mean, make like, a post people can't help but reply to
<fountain> like the "easiest game" one
<Jade> who's the easiest forums girl

<Jade> #vgmusic is the channel for idiotic newbies
<Jade> and #vgfun is for battle-hardened proboscum
<Jade> which look like hairdryers


<Adam> i want to be a pokemon
<Adam> there is not ad-mon
<Jade> I want to catch them all
<Adam> i want to barbecue hoot-hoot
<Jade> I don't think there's a hoot-hoot
<\slash> there is
<Adam> there is a hoot-hoot
<Jade> hmm
<Adam> i saw the episode
<Adam> it is an owl of some sort
<Jade> allow me to consult the pokedex
<Jade> oh I see
<Jade> it's hoothoot
<Jade> so technically let's pretend we're both right

<rockbox> is that a word you say
<rockbox> 'gee'
<rockbox> or just type
<Tiamat> Uh...
<Tiamat> I say it sometimes I guess, but not oftne.
<Tiamat> often.
<rockbox> do you say 'la'?
<rockbox> as in
<rockbox> 'chill la'
<Tiamat> ... No. :P
<rockbox> provocative
<rockbox> but you see
<rockbox> i've got a man
<rockbox> what's your man got to do with me?
<Tiamat> ...

*** rockbox is now known as CutieCrashBandicoot
* CutieCrashBandicoot nuzzles mv gently =^_^=
*** mv is now known as SpyrotheFagon

<Jade> I have been earning money!
<rockbox> on the corner?
<Jade> no, in the back room of a store
<rockbox> ...

<MrSinister> why are all the washing machines white
<umoc> back in the '70s they were avocado
<MrSinister> why do the WHITES GO IN SEPERATELY

<rockbox> it's the 12th day of christmas!
<rockbox> what is the 12th day of christmas
<rockbox> an mc hammer cd?
<rockbox> five onion rings?
<Jade> probably lords a leaping
<Jade> a-leaping
<rockbox> i'll a-leap you
<silverdollar> :<<<<

<Jade> adam confused me so greatly
<Jade> I think he's still proud though
<Adam> failure!
<Jade> even if I didn't get it quite right
<Adam> oh.. yes

<agent> great ending to wrestling class
<Adam> are you in one of those fantasy wrestling camps
<agent> i rocked this trash talking kids
<agent> no its a class we have to take here
<agent> then a fucking colonel comes in and challenges me
<agent> it was like street fighter or some shit
<agent> and i bet him too
<justin> did you spinning piledrive him


[01:31] <Gochi> which reminds me, i need to make some toast
[01:31] <Gochi> i forgot to do that a few nights ago

[16:15] <Jade> guess who's back
[16:15] <\slash> back again
[16:15] <Jade> jade is back
[16:15] <\slash> tell a friend

[17:44] <justin> i must get a driun
[17:44] <justin> drunk
[17:44] <justin> drink
[17:44] <justin> brb
[17:44] <justin> a
[17:44] <justin> brbr
[17:44] <justin> brb
[17:44] <justin> ..
[17:44] <justin> brb

[14:33] <Adam> im not sure what it is
[14:33] <Adam> let me see if i can find out somewhere!@!@#
[14:33] <Jade> what
[14:34] <Adam> the type of card it is
[14:34] <Jade> watch you search forever and then come back and be like "it's an sblive"
[14:34] <Adam> sb live.. ....
[14:34] <Adam> shutup

[00:19] <organicintelligencebody> so you redecorated like I suggested
[00:20] <Adam> not like you suggested, but i did sort of move stuff around
[00:31] <organicintelligencebody> all I suggested was that you redecorate
[00:31] <organicintelligencebody> so by redecorating in any way at all you were doing what I suggested
[00:32] <Adam> wrong!
[00:32] <Adam> hey jafde
[00:32] <Adam> jade
[00:32] <Adam> you ought to breahte
[00:32] <Adam> youre following my advice, look!
[00:32] <organicintelligencebody> you ought to spell properly
[00:32] <organicintelligencebody> look, you're not following my advice!
[00:33] <Adam> hha

[19:00] *** ProgrammerX ( has joined #vgfun
[19:00] <ProgrammerX> Anyone want to cyber?
[19:01] *** ProgrammerX ( Quit (Quit: )
[20:59] <mv> such impatience
[20:59] <mv> that cyber fellow

[22:37] <Gochi> i was invisible
[22:37] <Gochi> i was like... the most camouflaged person

[18:30] <justin> you're the cream of the crop
[18:34] <Jade> I rise to the top
[18:38] <Adam> hello
[18:39] <Jade> adam never eats a pig
[18:39] <Adam> cause a pig is a cop

[15:37] <Jade> I hate your attitude
[15:37] <Jade> you're on mute
[15:37] <Jade> as of now
[15:37] <Adam> i am not
[15:37] <Adam> !!!
[15:37] <Jade> *** Jade has activated mute crossball@*
[15:37] <Adam> .
[15:38] <Adam> :<
[15:38] *** Adam ( Quit (Quit: g)
[15:38] *** Adam ( has joined #vgfun
[15:39] <Adam> there
[15:39] <Jade> I didn't actually put you on mute
[15:39] <Adam> mute this
[15:39] <Jade> there's no such thing as mute
[15:39] <Adam> i dont know what your crazy scripts are

[17:57] <Treesock> hyattmikako says 'I LOVE YOU'
[17:57] <Treesock> Menchi suddenly starts to glow and shudder.
[17:58] <Jade> he grows suddenly and is surprisingly skilled at throwing rocks

[22:37] <Terrorstein> I saw this guy that looked like you justin
[22:37] <Terrorstein> it scared me
[22:37] <celaviceleo> :O
[22:38] <Terrorstein> I kept looking at him and thinking aah
[22:38] <Terrorstein> heh
[22:38] <celaviceleo> that's weird
[22:38] <Terrorstein> you need to not have people that look like you walking about
[22:38] <celaviceleo> i'm sorry
[22:38] <celaviceleo> i shall eliminate them immediately
[22:39] <Terrorstein> heh
[22:39] <Terrorstein> good
[22:39] <Terrorstein> I will eliminate everyone that looks like nZero
[22:39] <nZero> um
[22:39] <celaviceleo> haha

[21:49] <justin> don't make me ream you
[21:49] <Jade> you're all talk
[21:49] <justin> with my reamer

[02:39] <justin> if i had a sports franchise i'd call them the amazings
[02:39] <Jade> heh
[02:39] <Jade> I would cheer for your team
[02:39] <justin> the new york amazings
[02:41] <justin> and the head coach of your new york amazings, dazzle e. fabulous

[17:19] <Thirty-ninester[Laptop]> how do you get cukeman to talk in zelda?
[17:19] <Jade> what kind of a name is cukeman
[17:22] <Thirty-ninester[Laptop]> cukemon are buzzbobs after they've had myster seeds

[05:31] *** Pongball ( Quit (<Cloudy_Bear[AWAY_FOO]> AOL = evoil <Cloudy_Bear[AWAY_FOO]> the "o" is for "oooooh lord it's evil")
[05:32] <mv> the "Cloudy_Bear" is for "retard"

[01:21] <kLuTz> anyone here go to yale?
[01:21] <rockbox> i do
[01:22] <kLuTz> oh really
[01:22] <kLuTz> cool
[01:22] <rockbox> i'm in grad school
[01:22] <kLuTz> you must be crazy smart
[01:22] <kLuTz> oh i see...
[01:22] <rockbox> i was valedictorian of my graduating class
[01:22] <kLuTz> how old?
[01:22] <rockbox> i'm 36
[01:22] <kLuTz> haha dang

[16:14] <\slash> yay jade
[16:15] <\slash> :DD
[16:15] <\slash> i seriously imagine you like this big really cuddly guy
[16:15] <\slash> like a huge teddy bear, so to speak

[15:53] <\slash> i wish there was a "i have my hands in front of my eyes but i'm peeking through the slits of my fingers" smiley
[15:54] <Jade> \slash II:II(

[21:44] <justin> when we were in the city on the subway once jade was so drunk off his ass he started doing cartwheels and juggling homeless people
[21:44] <Jade> justin I don't remember that
[21:44] <justin> no but that would have been funny
[21:44] <Jade> juggling vikings

[21:55] <Gochi> gummy bears
[21:57] <Gochi> oh wow
[21:57] <Gochi> it answered me
[21:57] <Gochi> <Pongball> Uh, do I know you?
[21:57] <Gochi> in response to my "-> *pongball* hey baby"
[21:57] <Gochi> should i say something?
[21:59] <Gochi> i told her i didn't know here and she sed
[22:00] <Gochi> <Pongball> Then why did you randomly message me?
[22:00] <Gochi> <Gochi> ok, lemme see...
[22:00] <Gochi> <Gochi> i just wanted to know if u could tell me why there are so many ads in american magazines for Haribo Gold Bears when no one in the US sells them.

[21:52] <Adam> justin
[21:52] <Adam> do you remember the time
[21:52] <Adam> when we fell in love?
[21:52] <justin> yeah
[21:52] <justin> what about it
[21:53] <Sheepdog> It was gay.

[14:19] <pikalich> i have ten subwoofers daisy chained around my room
[14:19] <Black_Wing> ...the hell you need ten subwoofers for?
[14:20] <Jade> big fat thick bass

[11:38] * JADE casts RUB on everyone

[15:29] <justin> cheb mami rules
[15:30] <Adam> what is a cheb mami
[15:30] <justin> a sex position
[15:30] <Jade> it's also a type of salmon
[15:30] <justin> 'hey baby wanna do it cheb mami today'
[15:33] <Jade> holy toledo
[15:39] <fountain> ..

[00:08] <justin> i was watching the stupid awards show with my mom for like five minutes earlier
[00:08] <justin> it panned over the audience
[00:08] <justin> and i was like 'WHOA IS THAT MUHAMMED ALI'
[00:08] <justin> '...that was oprah winfrey'
[00:08] <justin> '...'
[00:09] <Jade> how can you confuse them
[00:10] <Jade> is that a plate of spaghetti? no wait, it's several blimps