Are you like "wtf what is this site?" Because if you are, this page will explain, and will help you to have fun as soon as possible. but if you don't know what this site is about then probably you don't know what wtf means either. This is the website based on the fun irc channel #vgfun.

Are you wondering what irc is? It stands for internet relay chat, and it's basically a chat dealie for people on the internet if you had not guessed. You need to download a program to use it, like mIRC for PC or ircle for Mac.

If you want to visit us, which you must want to do by now, connect to and then join the channel, #vgfun (/join #vgfun ought to do it). Pretty simple. Are you wondering who runs this site? The main contacts are as follows:

Jade webmaster, articles, assorted fun
justin articles
Adam fun images

Of course I can't forget nZero who has provided us with this webspace! Go look at which is run by him and is also awesome.